Industrial and Agricultural Crops

The benefits of using tissue culture techniques for mass production of industrial crops are exponential. Specimen with the desired parameters can be selected and multiplied in order to produce high quality, disease-free and uniform crops.

Companies looking for a way to enhance desired qualities in their crops will find a great partner in Deroose Plants. Deroose Plants finds its challenge in developing tissue culture protocols for even the most difficult crops by combining experience and creativity.

In close cooperation with your company we strive to find the best tissue culture solution meeting your specific needs.


Our Company has experience with:

Agricultural crops for temperate climate zones such as potato, artichoke, hops, rhubarb, stevia and other herbs, strawberries, …

Fruit and Plantation Crops for the tropics such as Ananas MD2, Musa, Eucalyptus  (paper industry), Miscanthus (biomass production), cotton (Research program for Bayer), Hevea brasiliensis and tissue culture multiplication of Elaeis Guineensis (the Oil Palm).

It deserves emphasis that thanks to our partnerships and close collaboration in the field of R&D with the tropical plantation industry, we have developed a technique to successfully clone and harden Hevea brasiliensis trees. Moreover, we offer a number of different Hevea brasiliensis clones for sale. For more information please contact our CEO, Mr. Jacques Ruth per email at

Deroose Plants ships to almost anywhere in the world and offers assistance to grow and finish these plants successfully.