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In China, we cooperate with Shanghai Flower Port Enterprise Development Co. Ltd. We started the joint venture Shanghai Flower Port - Deroose Plants in 2005.

Our company is located at the Donghai State Farm in the Nanhui District, southeast of Shanghai City. It takes about 30min. to Pudong International Airport and 1 hour to Yangshan Deeop Sea Harbor. Due to this convenient shipping, it only takes 2 hours to ship plants to Korea and Japan.

 In China, plants are cultivated in 2 locations that are close to each other:

  • Lab
  • Greenhouse


Our lab has 1 multiplication room, 1 growth room and 1 media preparation room. We have 40 laf-cabinets in our main production area, i.e. the multiplication room. This area is temperature controlled. The advanced equipment ensures a highly sterilized production environment.

We produce more than 20 million plants per year in our lab. 16% of the tissue culture plants we produce are planted in our greenhouse in China. After being cultivated, these plants are sold to Chinese and other Asian countries' markets.



Our 2 hectare greenhouses are located near the lab. They are all equipped with an environmental and automatic control sytem.


In the greenhouse, we now cultivate Bromeliad, Nepenthes and green plants. Bromeliad is a collective term for plants as Guzmania, Tillandsia and Vriesea.





Shanghai Flower Port - Deroose Plants
No 2 Zhendong Road
Donghai State Farm
Nanhui District
201303 Shanghai

Tel: +86 (0)21 5829 6140
Fax: +86 (0)21 5829 6133
Email: info@derooseplantschina.com


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