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Deroose Plants is a well-established name in horticulture. What once began as a modest family company has grown to be a prominent international enterprise. From branches in Belgium, the United States and China, Deroose Plants breeds and grows a complete line of indoor plants.

Being receptive to new ideas and a close collaboration with the clients, are the keys to the success of Deroose Plants. Creativity in all its aspects forms the basis of the company philosophy.

Deroose Plants aims at obtaining exclusivity in its product range and directs its offering in consultation with the client. This means a considerable added value for all concerned.

In addition, the company offers its partners/horticultural companies advice and support from expertise based on many years of experience. As one of the major players in the market, Deroose Plants maintains close contacts with both breeders and growers. Both sides reap the benefits of the mutual competencies.

Part of the developed products are commercialized. The product range that has not yet been marketed allows one to presume the best for the future of Deroose Plants: Breeding, Growing, Distributing, Worldwide.


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