Deroose Plants and Exotic Plant Join Forces

We are very happy to announce that the young plant supplier Exotic Plant is joining Deroose Plants as part of the SIAT Group. Deroose Plants and Exotic Plant will work together in supplying the highest quality young plants worldwide. SIAT will support the new group in improving its portfolio and services in Ornamental, Plantation & Agriculture and Health related starting plant material.

Combining both companies’ knowledge of growing and production planning will help us forward in providing a steady flow of high quality young plants year-round, specifically calibrated for each customer.

This step will allow to better serve the Asian market, where breeders’ rights will be supported by a stronger team with common interests. Our American customers will have access to Exotic Plant liners grown in our Florida facility, whose quality shall be drastically improved on this integrated production platform. In Europe, combined forces will allow us to further support our customers and partners in their active promotion of varieties to end-consumers. The same promotional effort will be provided to the American and Asia-Pacific end-consumers.

Together we can offer a complete range of seed- and tissue culture varieties. We strongly believe that our strategy shall be rooted in further partnership with top passionate breeders, who allow us to quicker address the market demand in new varieties, supported by our market intelligence and active sales. Our portfolio shall thus remain predominantly breeders based. Continuous plant innovation through cooperation with breeders, scientists and research institutes worldwide is key to us!

Our combined ornamentals include: Bromeliads, Succulents, Phalaenopsis, Spathiphyllum, Carnivorous plants, Grasses, Kalanchoe, Hibiscus, Canna, Calathea, Anthurium, Cordyline, Zanthedesia, Curcuma,… Our expertise in tissue culture techniques is also applied in plantation and agricultural crops. We are the first company to develop a successful tissue culture protocol for rubber trees, with a proprietary technology increasing the yield of the trees by 30%, improving life of small planters reached through our hardening platforms in Africa and South East Asia. Our range of agricultural crops includes Oil palm, Cacao, Blue berry, and other. Together we became a stronger international team in five continents highly specialized in propagation and in global plant logistics to bring to any customer the best calibrated young plants.