About Deroose Plants

Deroose Plants has grown from a modest family owned company to a well-established name in horticulture with branches in Europe, the United States and China. We propagate and distribute a wide range of plant varieties all over the world. Having had years of experience with broad varieties of crops, today Deroose Plants is a world leader in tissue culture propagation. We strive to provide the best services for plant tissue culture initiation, proprietary propagation and growing and developing of new and improved cultivars. The company's success is driven by its philosophy of adapting cutting edge research in plant propagation in the design of products that satisfy the needs of  growers and their customers.

Innovation through breeding

Through our breeding program and by collaboration with the best breeders, Deroose Plants can offer a broad assortment of innovative and exclusive products. At the same time, Deroose Plants works with growers who are leaders in greenhouse nursery businesses worldwide. It allows us to introduce new products into the marketplace and make the changes necessary to ensure products conform to the discerning tastes of our customers. Matching breeding with innovative tissue culture techniques enables the selection of the right varieties with the desired characteristics, enhancing larger and faster yields compared to conventional planting material.

Tissue culture solutions

Deroose Plants specializes in in vitro initiation of plant cultures, propagation, and rooting under controlled environmental conditions. Through micro propagation we seek to provide a reliable supply of uniform, A grade and affordable plants. In collaboration with several agricultural universities, Deroose Plants conducts continuous research in the breeding and propagation of plants. This research has three purposes: supporting the breeding activity, improving the tissue culture techniques for the propagation of plants, and acquiring more knowledge about the cultivation of newly developed and existing products.

Producing in 3 continents for worldwide supply

Deroose Plants offers the strength of an international group. For each request we can appeal to our worldwide network of renowned research institutions and universities, top growers and our own team of researchers and staff. Deroose Plants has a strong logistics team. By distributing plants efficient and under the best circumstances Deroose Plants is able to deliver a high quality product anywhere in the world.