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About Us

Deroose Plants & Exotic Plant are a worldwide supplier of elite young plant material for growers. We are the world’s largest Bromeliad young plants suppliers, and constantly developing new varieties. At the same time, we are the first and unique largest global company developing and producing rubber trees by using tissue culture technology. Currently we have production facilities in Belgium, China and USA.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in tissue culture techniques is also applied in agricultural and industrial crops. We are the first company to develop a successful tissue culture protocol for rubber trees, increasing the yield of the trees by 35%. Our range of agricultural crops includes oil palm, Cacao, blue berry, pineapple, coffee, potato and tomato.

Clean Stock Conservation

Keeping mother plants healthy and productive outside or in a greenhouse environment can be very time and space consuming. Disease and infection can strike at any time. We are proud to offer our new service of Clean Stock Conservation: we keep your plants clean in sterile lab conditions. 

Whenever needed clean plants can be delivered to you as tissue culture plants or rooted liners in plugs. With almost 40 years of experience in tissue culture propagation and international shipping of numerous ornamental and agricultural crops, we are the perfect partner to keep your genetics safe!

Deroose Plants and Exotic Plant Join Forces

We are very happy to announce that the young plant supplier Exotic Plant is joining Deroose Plants as part of the SIAT Group. Deroose Plants and Exotic Plant will work together in supplying the highest quality young plants worldwide. SIAT will support the new group in improving its portfolio and services in Ornamental, Plantation & Agriculture and Health related starting plant material.


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